Red food processor

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Well, for some reason Google keeps looking for a page on my site about red food processors, so I guess I should create one. I suppose some people can afford the luxury of colour-matching their kitchen appliances, so this is for them.

This example shows just how infuriating CJ’s product search can be: using the keywords “+red +food +processor” it throws up some items that have NOTHING to do with food processors, but just happen to have all three of those words in the description – some sort of pet-tracking device?! (the last item pictured here):

Once again showing how antiquated CJ’s product API search is.

We work¬†around that by specifying a particular manufacturer – adding “+cuisinart” to the keywords. This is not ideal because it then limits us to that particular manufacturer, but there it is. Let’s hope CJ improves things with its API one day.