Presenting – the Storeminator

I am ready to reveal my Storeminator price comparison plugin for WordPress!

I created it several years ago for my own use, but I’ve been keeping it a secret until now!

I created this simple demo site to show you how powerful it is!

Compare prices:

The Storeminator plugin allows you to insert a product comparison unit into your WordPress content, just like you see on big review sites like CNET etc. The Storeminator pulls products from eBay, Amazon and Commission Junction (and others, if we add plugins in the future) and aggregates the results into a neat widget like you see here:

Of course, the links are primed with your affiliate codes, so you earn money from all referrals. Storeminator runs entirely on your site, there is no middle-man. With a little tweaking of the results you can have product comparison listings just like on the big sites!

You can buy the Storeminator plugin here (but check first that it’s not on sale as a WSO at the moment!) – or click some of the links on the left to see more example pages.